Working hard and hustling harder is bullshit and won't make you successful.

business life success Nov 09, 2017

For anyone who ever played baseball. Remember hitting the ball? 

To hit a baseball if you FOCUS on hitting it you will NEVER hit it. If you wait until it's in reach to hit it you are too late.

You have to see the ball, prepare the swing, and swing when the ball is far away knowing in your soul and in your flow state that that ball will meet with that bat when the bat gets there.

You let go, and swing not trying to hit it, just in a flow state and crack over the fence.

But if you tried really hard to hit a ball or loaded up on that swing chances are you aren't hitting it.

Business and life is just like that. You have to swing and KNOW that the ball will be there when the bat swings around even though it's not there now.

I come from a long line of hard workers. I was brought up in that mentality.
My grandfather worked 3 jobs. My dad is still working at 75. My uncles are all still running their own business. We came from humble begginings.

At age 14 I had a job. At a butcher shop.

I had to pay rent at age 16 to my step father to teach me "responsibility".

When I didn't pay one month he took my radio and tv. That was my only saving grace to the madness that we called our home.

That and drawing. I'd fill black book after black book with drawings and drawings.

When I didn't pay the following month he took my door off the hinges. It was demoralizing.

Later in life I learned this was emotional abuse.

But I took it in stride and have learned from it greatly. I hated him growing up. And learned to understand I chose to go through this in life to learn.

There were many lessons that I learned from him through out the years. It's odd we take away the bad from those who we are around more so than the good.

He did teach me how to work out at a young age and I haven't missed more than a month or 2 in 22 years (only when I injured my neck in jiu jitsu did I take a big lay off) Not even when I broke my toe in Jitz did I quit. I toughed it out.

For a long time I thought throwing more manpower and man hours at things is the way to make it work.

I was good at it.

I actually excelled at torturing my own body.

Pain to me is something I can deal with in great amounts. One time I broke my finger in the gym. I smashed it between 2 dumbells.

I was on the incline press and someone dropped their weights and they rolled under mine. I didn't know and went to drop my weights and my middle finger on my left hand got crushed.

It blew up 3 times the side and it was purple and if I dropped my finger below my heart I'd feel my pulse in it with every throbing painful beat.

I stayed that way for 2 plus weeks. I toughed it out. When I finally went to the hospital the doctor asked me if I was on drugs. Well not at that moment anyhow. And I don't think smoking weed really dulls pain so. No doc. He said you need your head examined to stay like this this long.

That's me. I'm a grinder. In jitz I'm a grinder I will suck the life from you and close the jaws of death around you inch by inch.

But being successful has nothing to do with hard work. I was wrong all those years. I thought you had to work extra hard. That long nights and missed weekends was a badge of honor.

Grind pays. No... No it doesn't.

Grind does exactly what it does. GRINDS YOU DOWN.

Recently I was doing up to 60 hour work weeks.

Probably a good portion of it was unproductive.

I wasn't taking care of me. And I hit a brick wall. I got the flu. A bad one.

See your body is smart it will tell you to rest, once, twice, 3 times, and if you don't listen to it. IT WILL MAKE YOU rest.

I realized in that time I wasn't doing my journeling as much, I wasn't meditating, I wasn't resting and enjoying our life.

What good is working if you can't enjoy it? 

Most people think like this when they start out. But understand this.

Real breakthroughs don't happen when you are striving, grinding, or hustling.

They happen in the peaceful space of the divine. They happen when you are in flow. They happen when you aren't trying at all.

Now I focus every day on stripping away.

How can I do what I do with less energy. How can I make it better with less. What is extra or fluff, let's get rid of it. Am I doing this because I want to make more money? Or am I doing this because It truly moves me to do it.

Think of ways in your business you can do only what you are a genius at and outsource or delegate ALL of the rest. Your life depends on it.

We spend so much time building for others we forget the one person who needs the most self care. ME, You. Us.

Spend less time grinding, there is no badge in working 60 hour weeks, no badge of working long weekends.

Grind does not pay. No one who is SUPER succesful is a grinder. They have graduated from that. I ask you to think about your graduation as well.

One of the quickest ways to work less is to get a mentor or hire a coach.

My life pace slowed down and my productivity sped up when I got someone who did what I am trying to do to show me how. I spent tons of money on products and events and they are great.

But true breakthroughs happen when another who has traveled that path shows you how to get down it in an time compressed fashion. 

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