You have to serve yourself before you can ever serve others.

business realness Dec 29, 2017

My WW2 Veteran who fought 2 tours on the front lines in Germany, Italy and on the beach of Normandy - Grandfather told me this.

"People who talk. Talk because they don't do.

When you want people to know who you really are.

Just show up. And Do. And keep your mouth shut.

The rest will take care of itself"


What a crock of bullshit.

The internet is rife with this. People professing how they really want to serve others. Until you don't pay them 30k for their mastermind.

Or I am not about manipulation, while you retarget me and stalk me on the internet. OK GUY.

It’s maybe because you have been misguided by people who have an agenda to sell you on their program and giving you a lot of misinformation to get you to press buy.

Well, I will say straight up and down most people are looking to sell you whether now or later into their program.

Myself included. Anyone who runs a group included.

Anyone who says they are not looking to extract some sort of value out of a relationship. Is a liar. Run fast. 

Everything you do online is looking to cultivate and grow relationships. With the end goal of broadening your reach, impacting more people and ready for it.... to eventually sell more product. That’s the nature of the beast.

And anyone who says that’s not what they are doing while giving out “FREE” content and value, is trying to manipulate you.

Let's just stop with the facades and be real.
2018 I have no more time for this jacked up idiocy.

You are online to make money with your business.

GREAT! Now that we have that out of the way.

We can talk about things that matter.

What bothers me most is those who try to pretend they do what they do because they are the patron saint and not because deep inside the really want to help AND they want to make a living for themselves.

YOU and ME and everyone else involved, share our stories, our knowledge and our guidance in the hopes of helping people grow, helping others raise their bar, raising all of the ships in the docks with rising tides and wait for it…….someday making a transactional based relationship from it so we can also improve OUR lives and our families life. 

There is NOTHING wrong with this. It is why anyone who is anyone went into business in the first place.

This is the reason we became entrepreneurs in the first place. 

But I have a real problem with the fakers.

And the liars. The schemers and the thieves. 

People who lie and aren't who and what they seem.

People who profess they aren’t about manipulation while finding ways to manipulate you via content, ideas, or simply technology (retargeting is a form of manipulation wouldn’t you agree? Chasing someone around the net after they LEFT your world and did NOT buy in any other setting would be considered stalking…)

But it’s cool when done by gurus who just make me feel so damn slimy. 

Anyone who knows me knows how much I am willing to help others. I really find a joy and fulfillment helping others grow.

BUT I will NOT insult your intelligence and tell you a fib that I do this simply to see you grow because I am in service to others.

I serve others by being me, by cultivating my talents and my know how, so I can better help you learn what I have learned. And in that, I look to grow your life, your business, and my life and my business. 

Win / Win.

The main reason why most of the information you get doesn’t work is simply that it’s taught by people who don't’ actually do. They pretend they do.

I had a 26-year-old kid tell me he’s been doing this for 15 years recently. So you started at 11? It’s hard to believe at 11 when I was watching transformers and what not. It’s hard to believe you would quantify your childhood as a part doing real business for real businesses. And who hires an 11-year-old to do work?

Isn’t there labor laws against that? 

All I am saying is this:

It’s really more about finding people who you gel with who you believe in and who believe in you and getting down with them.

I don’t have time in my life for nonsensical psycho wordplay, I do truly want to help others and help myself.

But I don't profess to the world how serving and non-manipulative I am. I just am.

People who do that, just do it they don’t proclaim who and what they want to do. They show by actions.



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